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Bulk Image Editing

We offer bulk image editing and retouching solution that will help you to scale up and speed up your project with a fraction of the cost.

  • Up to 3600 Images Per day.
  • Multiple editing services.
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Quality Photo Editing Service

Over 100 in-house Photoshop editing experts are busy with the finer-details, Quality, and Perfect touch-up on your photos.

  • 100% best quality.
  • Unlimited revision.
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Quickest Turn Around

We have a speedy turn-around time. You can get the images delivered in the next 12 to 24 hours. The awesome thing is, our prices start from $0.50/ photo.

  • 12 Hours Turn-around.
  • Lowest Rate.
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About Our Clipping Path Service

What Is Clipping Path Service?

It basically refers to a particular image editing technique. The technique includes creating a close pattern or path around the main subject of an image and removing the background to a white/transparent form.
To meet the rising demand, clipping path service providers are also growing pretty fast. Our Photoshop Editors is such a platform to provide clipping path service in Bangladesh. But we offer worldwide online services throughout this digital platform.

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    The service also lets you change the backgrounds based on your preferences. To cut out the unnecessary portion of an image and to remove the sharp edges of the subject are the main reasons to use the clipping path service.
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    So basically, Clipping path image is involved in creating a vector graphic that cuts off the noisy background of an image. It also replaces it with an appropriate one for a better presentation.
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Our Clients

Who Needs Clipping Path Service

Everyone involved in an image-centric industry badly needs this service. Be it an e-commerce site or a magazine, they need transparent and realistic images in flawless forms.

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    Furthermore, photographers, photoshop experts, logo designers, color composers, image retouchers, etc. also need this service to enhance the beauty of their photos
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    Especially business owners who want the fastest growth and highest revenue, completely depend on professional image clipping experts for enriching their digital portfolios.
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Why Choose Us ?

About PhotoShop Editors

Photoshop Editors is a team of talented individuals who have both expertise and experience in this advanced image editing field. Clipping images for e-commerce and product photography are our specialties.
We have studied all the fields of photo clipping path service. As a result, our company is the ultimate destination for every single image editing solution.
We do not simply remove or change backgrounds from the images. Rather we study the subject intensively and try to present it in the best possible exposure. No matter what the project size or the level of complexity is, our skilled professionals try their level best to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

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    Once you hire us, you can rest assured about the quality of the work following all your instructions accurately.
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    As we are a huge team with years of experience, you can rely on us for the fastest delivery. Besides, we have a standby team in case of emergency.
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    Our highly economic price range has made us one of the leading clipping path service providers. Moreover, we always provide industry-grade service to ensure clients' satisfaction.
What We Offer

Other Photoshop Services
We Provide

Our incomparable image editing service covers almost all the areas of professional photo correction.

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Photo Retouching

12 Types of Service
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Color Correcting

8 Types of Service
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Image Manipulation

10 Types of Service
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Resize and Cropping

9 Types of Service
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Background Removal

18 Types of Service
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Photo Restoration

6 Types of Service
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Image Masking

7 Types of Service
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Jewelry Retouching

5 Types of Service
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eCommerce Editing

7 Types of Service
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Portrait Retouching

5 Types of Service
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Real Estate Editing

8 Types of Service
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Wedding Photo Edit

4 Types of Service
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Invisible mannequin

17 Types of Service
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Image Drop Shadow

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Website Photo Edit

9 Types of Service
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Automotive Retouch

11 Types of Service
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Watermarks Remove

11 Types of Service
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Sky Replacement

3 Types of Service

If you need anything else beyond our provided options to edit your images, we will readily provide you a customized service to meet your demands.

Our Image Editing Service Sample

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jewelry image edit jewelry photo editing
background Removal clipping path bg Remove clipping path
image clipping service image clipping path
clipping path photoshop service clipping path photoshop image editing services
Our Process

What is Clipping Path Procedures

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Step 1

Log in to your dashboard

Register/ Login to your dashboard to make an order.

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Step 2

Complete the order

Upload your photos, select services you need and make n order afterward.

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Step 3

Get Delivered

Your images will be delivered before the deadline. Download them from your dashboard.

Pricing Plan

What’s our pricing

Clipping Path

Starts From
$ 0.35 Per Image
  • Single Clipping Path
  • Multi Clipping Path
  • Background Removal

Photo Retouch

Starts From
$ 1.80 Per Image
  • Basic Retouch
  • Beauty Retouch
  • Color Correction

Product Image Edit

Starts From
$ 2.50 Per Image
  • Clipping Path
  • Image Retouch
  • Color Correction

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    from us?

    Absolutely, it is. A clipping path is an essential must to make photos look better and attractive. Especially, images for e-commerce sites need it the most as they require a transparent background to attract viewers.

    The primary purpose of a clipping path service is to present an image in the right shape. Cutting the image from its extra portion and editing its background within a limited path to give it a dynamic view is the main goal of it.

    • Open the selected image in Adobe Photoshop and press the p button to select the Pen Tool
    • Zoom out the image to view the edges clearly
    • Draw the selection line around the image to create the path you want Save your drawn path in the right-aligned menu
    • Then click on the Ctrl+left button and Ctrl+j button respectively to remove the background
    • Finally, press on the Ctrl+Shift+S to save the file

  • Choose the file you want to place
  • Use the Pen Tool to create the item to be used as a mask
  • Place it on top of the placed image
  • The final step is to follow the sequence: Object>Clipping Mask>Make
  • A clipping mask is a group of layers that masks the object inside the layers. It is basically a shape that only makes visible the object within a clipping path by hiding the outside area of the mask.

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    So, contact us with your project details and give us a chance to provide you with the best clipping path service.

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